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~~~Plans And Accessories~~~


Available from our shop unfinished. These are solid spruce—shaped much like the common rowboat oars, only a little thinner in the blades, and a bit spoon shaped for more efficient rowing. They require a light sanding before finishing. Pinned bronze oarlock horns are included.

Prices (per pair):

  • 6' = $95   
  • 7' = $105 
  • 7-1/2' = $115 


The prices for kits and finished boats include white sails. These prices are for people building from plans.
  Leif 7 Swifty 12 Swifty 13 Schooner 18 Great Blue Heron Schooner Cat

Sails - White $130 $215 $315 $395 $425 $455
Sails - Colors $155 $255 $355 $445 $495 $525

For people building our kits, the extra cost for colored sails are:
  • boats 15' and shorter = $55
  • boats 16'+ = $75
  • colored stripe = no charge

Please inquire regarding current tanbark prices; they are somewhat higher than the other colors.


We offer System Three Epoxy glue and sealer kits, sent directly to you from their factory in Seattle. The kits contain rollers, spreaders, gloves and brushes, as well as enough epoxy and hardener to build and seal your boat. Well written, easy-to-follow instructions are included.

Prices (post paid):

  • 7' and 8' kits = $170
  • 10' and 11' kits = $210
  • 12', 13' and 14' kits = $310
  • 15' or larger kits = $525

(Some additional epoxy may be needed for the larger kits and can be ordered as needed.)

A 90 minute low-budget opportunity to view boats under construction, being rigged (how to set up the sails and tension the boom), and sailing under various conditions.

Although not essential, this video will provide useful visual descriptions helpful to novice kit builders—$20.00 post-paid. Free paper catalog included with video orders.


Plans feature detailed step-by-step instructions, and come with a copy of the construction video for that boat.

The construction videos are meant to provide instruction for the plans builder (if you are a kit builder, the Demonstration Video is a better choice).

Boat Models Leif 7 Swifty 12 Swifty13 Schooner 18 Schooner 18c Great Blue Heron Schooner Cat

Plan Prices $75 $110 $130 $160 $175 $180 $350

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